Samstag, 13. April 2013

your life is finished

May 30th 1937, Paris. Wright: "Damn, I'm sleepy. I can't take it. Still, I don't want to hurt the old man's feelings." (Began to read and G. returned and sat down. Wright stopped reading.) "You know, Mr. G., this is interesting and it's a pity it's not well written. You know you talk English very well, too bad you can't dictate. Now if I had time you could dictate to me and I could write this for you in good English." (Read a few pages, stopped again.) "Now I must go and take my little daughter home. She's sleepy and so is her father." G: "Yes, for her sake, stop. She is young. You, of course, are old man now and life finish. But she only begin." Wright (turning red): "My life is NOT finished. I could right now make six more like her...." (Olgivanna with tears in her eyes led the child to the door.)
Another account of this meeting can be found in C.S. Notts "Further Teachings of Gurdjieff". Lloyd Wright referring to Gurdjieff as "the old man", was born in 1867, Gurdjieff was born 1866. This was the first time Gurdjieff und Lloyd Wright met.

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