Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

even God made a mistake

Elizabeth Constant Gordon
Gurdjieff once was telling Elizabeth Gordon, that he had made a mistake. He went on to say that even God made a mistake, one big mistake. Miss Gordon replied that she thought God had done everything necessary to forestall the effect of the Merciless Heropass - "Time, that wears away every living thing". Gurdjieff said, "Yes, everything but one thing; he made an umbrella when he should have made an enema, and now he is idiot and like everyone else sits in galoshes." This seemingly senseless expression puzzled me; only after a long time did I begin to perceive a great truth in the parable.
C.S. Nott - Further Teachings of Gurdjieff p.229
 (Miss Gordon was a close Gurdjieff pupil from 1922 until her death in Paris 1945)

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