Samstag, 13. April 2013

you cannot imagine how extraordinary he was

Suddenly he began to talk about what he called the "week of miracles." It was a week that he and other members of the Russian group had spent with Gurdjieff in Finland. "I was in another room," said Ouspensky. "I heard Gurdjieff's voice speaking inside me. He told me something, something very important." Ouspensky's eyes became glazed. He seemed to go into a trance. The zoubrovka perhaps—or the memory of Gurdjieff. Hoping to restart this intriguing conversation I piped up in my prissy English voice, "He must have been a very strange man, that Mr. Gurdjieff." Ouspensky gazed at me as if I had said something ridiculous. "Strange! He was extraordinary! You cannot possibly imagine how extraordinary Gurdjieff was." His eyes glazed again...
Robert de Ropp - Warrior´s Way p.102

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