Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Shaykh Gurdjieff at a barber shop

When the barber had finished shaving, he took off the sheet and dropped it on a nearby chair. Mr. Gurdjieff got up and stood by the chair. As he did, the barber moved in front of Mr. Gurdjieff and with reverence leaned forward and kissed Mr. Gurdjieff’s left and then right shoulder. With that done, he stepped back a short distance, folded his arms on his breast and stood there motionless with his head bowed low.

Mr. Gurdjieff walked slowly out of the shop and I followed him, For myself I could not believe what I had seen. It seemed incredible. I had not the slightest idea of what Mr. Gurdjieff had said to the barber in the few times he had spoken. I was deeply moved to have seen this barber’s reverence there in that little shop on West 46th Street in New York City.
Edwin Wolfe - Episodes with Gurdjieff p.34

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