Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

3 stages of Inner Alchemy

The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).

The study of the work of the human organism as a chemical factory shows us three stages in the evolution of the human machine.

The effort(second stage) which creates this 'shock' must consist in work on the emotions, in the transformation and transmutation of the emotions.

The third stage in the work of the human organism begins when man creates in himself a conscious second volitional 'shock' at the point mi 12, when the transformation or transmutation of these 'hydrogens' into higher 'hydrogens' begins in him. The second stage and the beginning of the third stage refer to the life and functions of man number four. A fairly considerable period of transmutation and crystallization is needed for the transition of man number four to the level of man number five.
In Search of the Miraculous / Chapter 9

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