Sonntag, 9. April 2017

You have no idea how many people he’s rescued

I was still reeling a little from this incident, wondering whether I should have told this disagreeable individual off, when I was approached timidly by the elevator boy, who had heard everything.

“That man hates Monsieur Gurdjieff,” he said. “But I love him. How lucky you are to travel with him!” This difference of opinion was interesting, so I asked him, “Why? Do you know him well?”
“Of course! He comes here every year. He s a wonderful man.” The young fellow had an unusual accent, and I commented on it. “Ah! I come from Russia, but now I’m French.” “Is it because you’re Russian that you know him so well?” “Yes,” he answered.

“He does so much good here for all the refugees. He comforts them; he helps them with money. You have no idea how many people he’s rescued from destitution. As for the manager, he despises Russians and must be jealous.”
Michel Conge - Inner Octaves p.198

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