Sonntag, 16. April 2017

the emergence of "New Men"

"Its possible that millions of men may be in this unhappy situation, but that must not stop us. Even if there are millions of incomplete half-men - thanks, objectively, to their own fault - with all the suffering this implies, this number can be more readily accepted if even one man escapes the sad fate that awaits all who do not fulfill their duty to nature."

There were immediate protests: “By what right do you assert such things? For what purpose?”

Mr. Gurdjieff smiled compassionately, and said gravely, "You know, one who has been freed can save ten others; these ten can then save a hundred; these hundred, thousands; these thousands, millions. So, millions of suffering and unhappy human beings can cause millions of joyful human beings to appear. Such could be the blessing brought by the emergence of these ´new men’. As for my right to say this, it arises from my duty to serve objective knowledge."
Tchekhovitch - Gurdjieff a Master in Life

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