Montag, 18. Februar 2013

the Highest Caste of Humanity

...(Gurdjieff) said to me: “A man who wishes to change must have the necessary energy. Say he needs one hundred units, but with all his efforts he can only collect ten. He is helpless. Suppose he meets a man who has much more energy than he needs for himself. That man can lend him ninety. Then he will do what he wants. Afterwards he must repay. Now you cannot do anything by yourself, so I must help you. There is a special substance - let us call it “higher emotional energy” that you need. You do not know where to get this substance, but I know. Later you will know too and then you will understand this work. Those who can give this substance to others who need it belong to a special section of the highest caste of humanity.” I said to him: “How can I get the help I need?” He replied – we were talking in Turkish – “When you say Amar (Mercy!) with all your being. Only then can you be helped.”
J.G. Bennett - Transformation (Chapter Help)

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