Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

sayings of Gurdjieff

saluting America 1924

A man, who was not a pupil, asked Gurdjieff what he was trying to do. “I try to make human beings,” Gurdjieff replied.

Every thinking man - and by man I also mean woman - must be occupied only by this interest - to develop a soul.

He stated clearly that philology was a better route to Truth than philosophy.

In life one must play part, but remember you are playiag part. Only with those with common aim can you be sincere about your inner world. To be sincere with everyone is pathological.

...he said that if people have a common aim, a real aim - not an ordinary life aim - a feeling of brotherly love will arise in them. If they live and work together they will always feel this, whether they love or hate each other. Not even family love can equal this feeling.

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