Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

his presence was filled with an unusual majestic force

G. Gurdjieff appeared. But, he was no longer the same man. He was transformed. He emanated a great radiance, without his outer appearance being changed. His presence was filled with an unusual majestic force, which he had never shown us. He looked at us intently, as if passing us a message. What I felt from him made a very deep impression.

Then, G. Gurdjieff beckoned me to come closer. I went towards him, and G. told me of an exercise that I was to give to my companions at our next meeting:

"To think of him, Mme de S. and all the group members as a network, all connected to one another, even at a great distance."

I relayed the exercise that evening at a meeting in his flat in the Rue des Colonels Renard. This gave us a greater consciousness of our relationship with him and the group.

Solange Claustres - Becoming Conscious with Mr. Gurdjieff p.86

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