Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016

the Higher Mind (falcon) Higher Intellectual Center

There can appear an awareness, or higher mind, which stands behind our thought. Adie described this by reference to ancient Egyptian statues showing a falcon perched at the back of the human head with its wings spread. When that higher mind is present, we do not have to lose ourselves in our mentation, although we are so used to this forgetting of ourselves that we believe it is inevitable. One can experience silence even while talking and moving, for the higher mind which observes the activity of the lower faculties does not comment in words, and is above hurry, anxiety or fear. Perhaps the silence is actually the receptive self-awareness possible when thoughts, feelings and sensations do not prepossess the soul. St Augustine wrote that peace is “the tranquillity of order”.

George Adie - A Gurdjieff pupil in Australia

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