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Civilizations of Atlantis survivors in Beelzebubs Tales

Continent Grabontzi (Africa)

After Samlios, their next center was established on the continent of Grabontzi
...the region in the middle of the continent of Grabontzi where, after the loss of Atlantis, there was formed the leading 'center of culture,' as they called it, for all the three-brained beings there - a region that in those times was the most flourishing part of the surface of your planet and is now a desert, known as the Sahara.
As for the three-brained beings who existed in the middle of the continent of Grabontzi, they dispersed over the whole surface of the planet.

Continent Ashhark (Asia)

Capitol: city of Koorkalai
today known as Turkmenistan, Karakum desert
Most of the three-brained beings populating Tikliamish moved to the southern part of the continent of Ashhark, to the country later called 'Persia,' while the rest moved north and settled in the regions afterward called 'Kirghizcheri.'

Maralpleicie - Goblandia
Capital: city of Gob
today known as Gobi desert and Taklamkan
As for the beings inhabiting the country of Maralpleicie, some wandered eastward, while the others, the majority, went toward the west. Those who went east, after crossing high mountains, settled on the shores of a large 'saliakooriapnian' space, in the region later called 'China.' "And those beings of Maralpleicie who had sought safety by moving to the west, after wandering from place to place, ultimately reached the neighboring continent, later called 'Europe.'

Pearl-Land (Hindustan, India)
Capitol: city of Kaiamon.
At first they populated only two particular regions around the mouths of two great rivers, which flowed from the interior of the continent of Ashhark and emptied into the vast water space just where many of the 'pearl-bearing beings' bred But as their numbers continued to increase, they also began to settle in the interior of the country, although their favorite regions were still the valleys of the two rivers.

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