Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Gurdjieff on Jesus and the Bible

These Old Testament stories can be more important than all the words of Jesus Christ.

Old Jews believe Jesus Christ fed many people with six, seven fishes; you remember how many was, but how was filled, the people that not tell. Another example, they believe He turn water into wine, but who get drunk on such wine, that they not say. And once more, they believe He walk on water, but how deep was water, they not speak about that.

Moreover what could she see, this Muggy Muddalene (Mary Magdalene) you speak about? She see nothing, she only prostitute.

But in many countries, Armenia also, Jesus is not the hero, but John the Baptist. From legomonism I know that he it was who was nurse to Jesus for first 12 years, in Essene Brotherhood; after this first 12 years, then in this company the responsibility to another give.

He said that Jesus knew his own nonentityness and should he return, he would be very angry that people thought he had said he was God.

In this case Moses was such. He was center of gravity of Jewish people and he make them chosen, not God.

What you learn from bible you wish believe, but your bible is one thing and my bible is quite another. Nobody now believe in Christian thing, not with inner world, especially young ones. Nobody but English old maid and your American Lesbians. In General, man over there not believe. Your bible is hodgepodge.

from the book "Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope"

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