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sayings on Jesus Christ

In any other man I should have been sceptical of most of his tales; but certainly Georgiy Ivanovich was out of the common theosophical ruck. If he really wanted to go anywhere, were it even to his mysterious monasteries in Tibet - in one of which, he said, echoing an Indian tradition, Jesus had studied! (Bechhofer Roberts - A Journey through Georgia)

Q: Was Christ a teacher with a school preparation, or was he an accidental genius? Gurdjieff: Without knowledge he could not have been what he was, nor could he have done what he did. It is known that where he was there was knowledge.
(Views from the Real World p.85)

But while for some people religion serves as guidance, for others it is only a policeman. Christ, too, was a magician, a man of Knowledge. He was not God, or rather He was God, but on a certain level. (Views from the Real World p.211)

Christ and all the others spoke of the death which can take place in life, the death of the tyrant from whom our slavery comes, that death which is a necessary condition of the first and principal liberation of man. (Views from the Real World p.238)

He said that Jesus knew his own nonentityness and should he return, he would be very angry that people thought he had said he was God. 
(Gurdjieff and the Women of the Rope p.179)

Let us suppose Jesus Christ to be man number eight. (ISOM Chapter 16)

The Last Supper was a magical ceremony similar to 'blood-brotherhood' for establishing a connection between 'astral bodies.' But who is there who knows about this in existing religions and who understands what it means? All this has been long forgotten and everything has been given quite a different meaning. The words have remained but their meaning has long been lost. (ISOM Chapter 5)

There is nothing new in the idea of sleep. People have been told almost since the creation of the world that they are asleep and that they must awaken. How many times is this said in the Gospels, for instance? 'Awake,' 'watch,' 'sleep not.' Christ's disciples even slept when he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane for the last time. (ISOM Chapter 8)

see also the detailed description in Beelzebubs Tales (Chapter on Religion)

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