Samstag, 24. November 2012

Esoteric Knowledge is limited

...but one person present asked, quite seriously, why it was that knowledge - Gurdjieff's kind of knowledge - had to be presented in such a curious, devious, secret fashion - why could it not be made generally available to everyone, thereby benefiting everyone and improving the world in every way. Typically, Gurdjieff avoided any discussion of his "devious" methods, but made a pronouncement about knowledge.

"Like almost all people," he said, "you not understand nature of knowledge. Knowledge, like very fine French champagne, is rare. There exists only a certain amount - and is impossible produce more. If you give everyone in world one drop of champagne, nothing would be changed, no one would appreciate it. But for people who understand French champagne, when they drink, they appreciate; also they have money to buy this. But even if everyone had enough money for such drink, even so they would not buy. While what I say is true - that existing amount of knowledge is limited; receptivity for such knowledge is also limited.

He refused to say anything further, and that person only remarked that he was as mystified as before.
quoted from Fritz Peters - My Journey with a Mystic p. 268

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